How the Other Half Loves-A Play


The other evening at The Amateur Comedy Club located at 150 E. 36th Street I saw a hilarious production of How the Other Half Lives which was written by Alan Ayckbourn and which originally premiered in London.  The play is an extremely clever, funny and well-crafted play which juggled time and space as it presented the lives and loves of three married couples.

What made this play so interesting for me was to watch was how two of the three couples whose open “roomed” apartments were on the stage the entire time even to the point of sharing the “same” space (as in the dining room table at the same time) was that I did not “see” or feel that the second couple that was sharing the “same” space even when the other couple as actively performing in “that” space. 

After having the good fortune to speak to the Production Manager, he explained to me that each of the couples first rehearsed separately and then rehearsed together to pull off this amazing directorial feat.

So How the Other Half Loves is really an outstanding play where in toll, these three couple not only interfaced with each other in “real” time but were also on the stage in separate types of scenes working out their “stuff” at the same time.

A great way to spend an evening!



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