Cleopatra-An Interactive Theater Experience

So I was invited by producer Nathaniel Hill to see his production of Cleopatra which was shown at the Chelsea Music Hall which is located at 407 West 15th Street and which shares the same entrance as Moscot.

So having never been to the Chelsea Music Hall, I was looking forward to the fun!  And I for sure wasn’t disappointed.  After the long steps down to the Music Hall here is what I found in addition to Cleopatra’s throne chair.


So as you can see the theater space included a bar and hanging out space and as it happens the whole play uses that entire space and its guests to create the story of the ill-fated Cleopatra who winds up taking her own life as to not being shamed by Octavian who got over the wall into Egypt and proclaimed himself the governing ruler.

Cleopatra decided that it was better to take her own life than to subject to Octavian’s will once seated on the throne and so the story ends with her suicide.

But -what made this particular rendition of Cleopatra so fun in the face of a not so happy story was the way that the actual production was set up.   The scenes included pretty much the use of the whole room and the guests in the room.  Everyone had their cameras out and I’m sure that Instagram at #CleopatraExperience is definitely buzzing today!!

Then people where part of an actual dance experience with cast members as their partners, then there was a dance contest similar to Dancing with the Stars and then there is the Mistress of Ceremony (see picture below) who wanders and joins the audience definitely making everyone feel that they lived in Alexandria.

So here are some photos from the event’s experience.

The Mistress of Ceremony:


Her loyal population and dancers…

Cleopatra and Marc Anthony (the love of her life):



So if you want a fun evening out and learn some history in the process then check out Cleopatra at

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