Haunted Halloween in Salem

So I decided to join a group of folks and go to Salem, Massachusetts over the weekend.  I figured that there is nothing close in the world like October in Salem, Mass. so what the heck!

So we got there late Friday night and stayed at The Colonial Inn in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The next day we took the train to Salem and it was realllllly bad weather which was probably the result of Norester.  It was so ughhh.

However, keeping in the holiday spirit I went to make an appointment with a psychic at the shop named Omen on Essex Street where you could choose any psychic for a reading.  It was $40.00 for 15 minutes.  So I chose my psychic and I thought she did a pretty accurate reading and was super impressed.  Below is an image of the store where you could find a psychic.

Then with the weather as bitter as it was we went out for lunch at a place called Scratch.  The line was so long even in the nasty weather. It was a fun place and quite frankly-I was just happy to be inside…

Then I went to the Witches History Museum where we had a brief introduction to what happened during those times and then went downstairs to see reenactments of historically related scenes to the Salem Witch Trials.

Then still pouring and very cold I just took myself into the small mall and checked out some shops-all might I add Witch Related.

Then we went to dinner at Turner’s Seafood at 43 Church Street and the food was great!

Then the group went on to experience a Ghost Walking Tour but I was so frozen and soaked-I opted with another adventurer to Uber it back to the Inn and was I so ever glad that I did!!

The next day, Sunday, we went back to Salem and took a witch historical tour.

So here is what Salem was like on Sunday.  Even though It didn’t rain, the ground was wet and it was still a very bitter and raw kind of cold day.


But, keeping in the holiday spirit, I took a Witch Historical Tour and it was really the highlight of the weekend in terms of learning why the Salem Witch Trials took place.  My interpretation: Just a way for the Governor of Massachusetts to get rid of folks who owed money and who he didn’t like.  That’s pretty much it in a nut show.  Just an entire political drama done without the consent of The King of England for the Governor to control those he didn’t like.  Somethings never change. Just sayn.

OK. So after the Witch Historical Tour we went to another restaurant for a late lunch called the Sea Level Oyster Bar.  The food was also great and I highly recommend it if you find yourself in Salem.

Then we left Salem to get back to New York but no post on Halloween would be complete without a look at some costumes, so here they are…

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