Morso-A New York Taste of Tuscany

The other “very” cold and blustery Manhattan evening, I wound up meeting a few friends at Morso, 420 E. 59th Street.

Morso is the essence of Chief Pino Loungo Tuscan’s homeland.  Chief Luongo shaped the Italian menuswith restaurants including Le Madri, Mad 61, Tuscan Square and Centolire.  For Morso, his values remain unchanged and include seasonal ingredients, skillfully prepared made to be shared with family and friends.

I loved the ambiance of this restaurant-because when you walk in you think (or at least I thoughtLol_) that I was going to either meet Cary Grant and/or Audrey Hepburn or I was in one of their movies.

Check it out…

So what did I decide to eat?

I was in a very “salad” mood-so I started off with their Biete Salad.

The Biete (beet) salad was very yummy with roasted beets, argula, candied walnuts, frisse (a leafy green related to endire and chicory), goat cheese fritters and honey yogurt dressing.

Then I still wanted more salad so I ordered the salad called Farro.

That had farro (Farro is a food made of grains of certain wheat species, sold dried and prepared by cooking in water until soft, and folks put it in salads and soups), lentils, mushrooms, cauliflower, zucchini and butter squash.

A nice departure from the beets and the candied walnuts!

So if you’re near First Ave. and 59th Street check out Morso.  It will take you to another place and time and the food will delight!


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