Japanese Food at Yama

The other night I met a neighborhood friend at Yama, a Japanese sushi restaurant in Gramercy Park. This is the go to spot for Japanese food in this area and it’s located at 122 E. 17th Street which is at the corner of 17th Street and Irving Place. The space is kind of underground with an outdoor area built for Covaid reasons and is very charming in a 90’s kind of way.

Here is a picture of the outside area where we wound up eating and a picture of the inside area with 2 very serious sushi chiefs.

So what did I decide to order?

Well, admittingly not having had too much experience ordering Japanese food I left it in large part to the gal who knewLol more than me.

So we decided to start with a glass of Plum wine. Now since I was so close to where I lived and with no trains in sight I decided to try it. It was great!

Then we made a joint decision to share Edamame which were awesome!

And then quite frankly, we decided to share a plate of assorted sushi which included tuna, salmon, roe and tuna sushi roll.

It was all good and the fish was very fresh and delightful.

So I definitely recommend Yama if you want Japanese food and you’re in The Gramercy Park Area. It was all good.

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