Japanese Crepe and Thai Chicken

The other day for lunch I tried a new restaurant that I had found the other evening.  So I went to T-Swirl Crepe at 247 E. 14th Street, and it turned out to be great!  T-Swirl Crepe creates Japanese crepes borrowed from the concept of a western crepe and then modernized it.    T-Swirl has perfected the 100% gluten free rice flour batter and made it into a crispy thin chewy layer that embraces many different types of condiments which are are really outstanding.  They standardized this crepe process so that each crepe is consistently the same and really delicous.

So here’s T-Swirl Crepe from the outside…

IMG_0016And here it is from the inside looking out—

IMG_0024.And here is the tool that they use to make this kind of crepe.


So now T-Swirl has two basic categories of Crepes to choose from.

First there is the Savory Crepe which includes the likes of Egg White Mushroom Truffle, Vegetarian Lover, Chicken Teriyaki and Thai Chicken among many others.  Then there is the Sweet Crepe which include Banana Chocolate, Mango Raspberries, Matcha Chocolate Truffles and T-Swirl Fruit Cocktail again, among many others.

It wasn’t an easy choice but I decided on Thai Chicken and the ingredients included sliced chicken breast, mesclum mix, boiled asparagus, cucumbers, julienned carrots, cilantro, thai dressing, wasabi tofu sauce and sesame seeds and it was good!


With it I had an iced coffee and it was really a delightful eating experience.

The ingredients were so fresh and tasty that the best way to describe the eating experience was that the combination of the food and its condiments just sort of popped and danced in your mouth!!

So if you’d like to try something new, tasty, fresh and interesting check out T-Swirl Crepe.

It was cool!

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