One if by Land, Two if by Sea

So the other week, my girlfriend said, “Let’s do something special!” Let’s go somewhere that we never heard of.” So I said, “Sure-sounds, good! You pick. So my girlfriend picked the restaurant One if by Land, Two if by Sea which is located at 17 Barrow Street which is part of the West Village.

Yes, there was no name on the door. Always a fun start…

Then as you first walk in you learn that this building was a carriage house with an accompanying barn and was around when Aaron Burr was Attorney General of the State of New York during the 1790’s where he housed his coach and horses. Now as it happens the restaurantLol was voted the 5th most romantic restaurant in the world.

So here is what you see when you first walk in…

Here is the bar area and then the dining area in general…

So we chose to order from the Prixe Fixed Menu and yes, dinner is pricey but well worth the ambiance(so very chill—) and the food was great!!!

So because I’m a dessert first kind of gal, I decided to start with Baby Greens with piquillo peppers, bulgarian feta and oregano vinaigrette.

All the vegetables were very fresh and crisp and the bulgarian feta cheese was excellent!

Then for the main dish I decided to have the Pan Roasted Branzino with baby squash, sauce vierge (a famous sauce from the French cuisine, comprising olive oil and a lemon juice base with tomatoes), cured olives, pinenuts and herb pesto. Everything tasted very fresh and excellent.

And now, yeah-the dessert 🙂

I choose coconut ice-cream over shortbread cookies and a mixed berry compote. I had them put the berry compote on the side but you can also have it on top of the ice-cream if you prefer.

So OK. I was in heaven.

The combination of the textures and the tastes were fantabulous and I definitely recommend it.

So all I can say is that I definitely recommend One of by Land, Two if by Sea if you want a special, very chill restaurant experience. It won’t disappoint!

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