Et Alia Theater Presents This Is Me Eating______

Let’s face it. We all have our very own relationship with food. For some of us it’s a non-issue and for some of us it’s an issue. It can go either way dependent. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to learn about a new immersive exploration of a play titled This Is Eating Me _______.

This Is Eating Me __________is a dynamic 45 minute immersive performance that centers around exploring the multicultural layers of one’s relationship to eating and the universality of body image issues. The show which will be held at Alchemical Studios which is located at 104 W. 14th Street will be shown on October 30th during several designated time slots.

The show is museum themed and intimate, exhibiting with only 20 or 30 folks in the audience. As previously mentioned there will be multiple performances that day and the performers will work with projection, sound and physicality in a process that will encourage the immersion of the audience in a stimulative and meditative state which will all foster self-reflection.

The play is directed by Debora Balardini and performed and produced by all member of Et Alia Theater. Those actors include Deniz Bulat, Ana Moioli, Maria Muller, Luisa Galatti, and Gieorgia Valenti.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is eating me???” then this is the experience that you need to share with yourself to help you find your own answers.

Click HERE for tickets.

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