Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I guess that the title of my blog post, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a little misleading because it turned out to be Dinner at Tiffany’s :). The other evening I took my girlfriend out for her birthday and she wanted to go to The Blue Box Cafe which is located on the top floor of the building that houses Tiffany.

I had never been to Tiffany’s before but I enjoyed the large spaces of each room and needless to say some of the jewelry really shone!

So we then went to The Blue Box Cafe and I seriously didn’t know what to expect. The Blue Box Cafe by Daniel Boulud is a more modern take on Tiffany’s dining experience. It has a seasonally inspired menu, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s Afternoon Tea and an all day a la carte selection. The cafe was designed by Peter Marino and includes a private dining area, cafe and bar. It also features custom art installations as well as the signature Tiffany shade of blue.

Talking about Tiffany’s signature shade of blue let’s check it out.

So what did I decide to order?

I decided to start with the bread (so yum!) and a Salad De Saison which had very fresh seasoned vegetables and a ginger-lemon vinaigrette which I asked for on the side.

Then I ordered Volaille Rotie. That was chicken breast served with Tunisian couscous, Mediterranean vegetables and harissa (which I also 🙂 asked for on the side).

And last but definitely not least, a cup of black American coffee.

I recommend eating at The Blue Box Cafe as an experience. I wasn’t keen on how they prepared the chicken but the rest of the meal was delightful.

Let’s not forget a visit to the 5th floor to visit an Audrey Hepburn immersive exhibit to take us back to the days of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Audrey’s challenges…

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