New York City Interactive Chocolate Making Workshop

The other evening I was invited to attend an Interactive Chocolate Making Workshop.  How could I say no.  I had once thought how much fun it would be to be a Candy Maker and maybe it started the day that I read Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory but nonetheless I was really looking forward to the experience.

So here is Roni-Sue’s Chocolates which is located at 148 Forsyth Street on The Lower East Side

So the first thing that Roni Sue

explained to us as we were poured a glass of  and looked at our chocolate tasting plate

is where the different types of chocolates and how they were made.  We actually went through a tasting of each of these chocolates but I must admit that at the end of the day it was the white chocolate on the bottom row, second to the left which was White Vallerone Chocolcate which won my heart. It was Amazing!!!

Then the next activity after an intense but fascinating crash course on how chocolate is made and where it comes from we got to choose any truffle chocolate that Roni-Sue’s Chocolates made.

It was a really tough decision

but I finally decided on Crunch with Chile and it was beyond sublime!!!

And next it was time to learn to make truffles and ganache.

So we put on our apron’s and we each got a container to which we added whipped heavy whipping cream  to mix and take home,

But… and here is really where the fun began and where I got to decorate 12 previously made truffles that were given individually to each of us. So Yeah!!!

And here are the toppings that were given to us from Mango Chile, to Ginger Snaps to Strawberry and Raspberry Powder and let’s not forget the coconut and Expresso Powder as well…

And so here is my Willy Wonka take home experience!!  So fun!!!

So if you want to treat yourself to a very educational and fun experience check out Roni-Sue’s Chocolate and give yourself a big Willy Wonka treat too!!

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