Chumley’s Post Prohibition Restaurant

Being a published author of Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! A No-Diet, Weight-Loss Program I knew that I had to check out Chumley’s down at 84 Beford Street which is near The Cherrylane Theatre on Commerce Street.  I had heard that in the 20’s it was a speakeasy and a lot of famous writer’s hung out there!!

So in the very pouring rainLol, here is the front door.

As soon as you walk in you get that “from the past” feeling…

So as shown in the above photos Hemingway hung out there and there are 273 spaces for author’s books who have their covers displayed.   Very cool!!

What did I order????

Again, in a dessert first moodLol, I ordered a Little “Gem” Cesar which on top of fresh greens had Garlic Chile Bread Crumbs, Pecorino ( the name given to all Italian cheeses made from sheep’s milk.)and Smoked Trout Dressing which of courseLol I had on the side 🙂

And for dessert, I had a Rhubard Foster which I split with my friend.  They flamed it with the Jamaican rum first and then it had strawberry ice cream, pieces of rhubarb coupled with -yum- brown sugar.


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