The BizBash Expo- Party’s On

The other afternoon, I found myself at the Jacob Javits Convention Center to attend BizBash Live-The Expo .


The expo exhibited the finest in event management literally from the caterer to the entertainment to the rug on the floor.  It was informative and entertaining and I learned a lot about what was available if you were planning an event of any type or size.

So here are some photos that would put you at the live expo as well…

So let me introduce you to David Monn of whose book The Art of Celebrating lets the person planning their celebration find their authentic celebratory self and reflect that spectacularly through the tools that David so graciously shares.


Then I had a great conversation with married co-founders Shari and Christopher Seshardri of


Shari and Christopher are a delightful couple that created the PhotoSesh App which conceptually is like the Airb&b for finding your best photographer without having to leave your house.  You basically download the app and then choose a photographer that is near you (it’s really easy to do -plus you get to see their work!) and then you get to request them through the App and then the photographer contacts you and the fee which ranges between $35 to $75 dollars an hour without hassle is really cool. So check this App out, you won’t be disappointed!  And if you have any questions again, their web site is

Then I found this great company that will do all, yes all the work for when when putting your special event together…


Yes, with all that one has on their to do list these days, someone to put it all together, Yeah!

Then what’s a party without candy. OK, Lol, I would be the one who would pick out the candy, There is the company which sets up “The Coolest, Most Amazing New York Candy Table in the Whole World!-That’s what they say and here is their presenter to prove it!!!


And what about entertainment.  OK, true confessions I would pick that out too!!!

And I loved this Vogue Booth


where I got to pick any song that I wanted and so I picked Pharrell William’s song Happy and then danced to it (while inside the booth) and then that video (so fun!!!) was sent to my email as a celebration memory. So cool!!!

So the next time you’re planning an event go to and see what resources that you might find to help make your celebration the best ever possible!










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