Route 28 and The World’s Largest Kaleidoscope

I was able to get out of the city to explore some small towns of the Catskill Region. Route 28 has fast become the place to drive through to experience spas, gourmet food outlets, fresh farm produce, wine shops, art galleries and quaint towns.

We started off by visiting the World’s Largest Kaleidoscope which was located on the grounds of The Emerson Resort and Spa which is located in Tremper, New York.


It was an awesome experience.  We got to lie down in a small theater and look up to the ceiling which when the room was darkened exhibited a large kaleidoscope and the “actual” show as about 10 minutes but amazing…

Then we made a brief stop on Route 28 in the three block town (seriously…) of Phoencia.

Here are some photos:


Here’s the inside of the town variety store…


and here’s what I saw upstairs!


Then off to Woodstock which is such a great place to visit.  It reminded me of days of yore, where love and peace was prime in everyone’s mind and music.

Here are some items that brought back those nostalgic feelings…




And then off to our last small town New Paltz before heading home…




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