Bonnet Bash 2014

OK, I admit it!  I LOVE HATS!  I don’t really wear themSoLOL except for headbands but I really love the way the “right” hat looks on the “right” woman.  I think that it comes from all those episodes of Hercule Poirot that I’ve been watching lately on Netflix and observing how lovely all the women in thoe many episodes look in their period piece hats.

So when I heard that there was going to be a Bonnet Bash at The National Arts Club ( I had to go.

The name of the bash was entitled Headgear Hereafter.

A description of the event asked the reader to imagine what the fashion and more specifically the hats of tomorrow might look like.

So quite frankly, not knowing, I thought that it would be best to show up and find out what other hat lovers put together…

So I am in my luckily found black vintage hat and here are all the others who WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND CREATIVELY DIVINE!










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