Indian Fashion Excites!

Having recently returned from a trip to India and Nepal I was really excited about attending a members only LadyDrinks event where co-founder, Joya Dass interviewed Celebrity Fashion Designer Payal Singhal.

Here is Payal Singhal (left) being interviewed by Joya Dass (right).

Here is Payal Singhal (left) being interviewed by Joya Dass (right).

Payal Singhal is a Mumbai based celebrity fashion designer whose fashion line shown at will really take your breath away!

Her originality, her sense of design aesthetics and her understanding of the feminine mystique all shine brightly in her online collection as seen on the runway, in high fashion magazines and in her online store!

Now what was also really exciting was the interview of Payal by Joya!

Payal shared her struggles as a young designer and her present challenges being both a wife, a mom and the CEO of her own fashion line.

I, personally was very, very inspired by Payal’s love of learning, her enthusiasm for whatever she does and her daily conscious effort to live her life by “choice” and not by “I have to.”

Then after Joya’s initial interview, each of the attendees were able to ask Payal a specific question as it related to the industry.

Some of the questions  that were asked were as follows:


l. How do you get Press?

2. How do you get celebrities to wear your designs?

3. How exactly do you pitch to a celebrity?

4. What is the best way to set up an e-commerce site?

5. How do you prevent copying?

6. How do you handle the stress of a fashion show?


7. What is your next project?

It was a great evening had by all and much was learned but now it’s time to share some of Payal’s latest collection.

So enjoy…




and my personal favorite…

So if you like Indian fashion or just want to try a new and exciting look then visit and if you’d like to connect with a lovely group of women entrepreneurs who are interested in learning, networking and growing their  own businesses then also visit and find out more!




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