Too Much Sun at The Vineyard

20140607_160519The Vineyard Theater located on East 15th Street is very close to where I live. So when I noticed thatLinda Lavin was starring in Too Much Sun, I decided to go and see the play.

I really enjoyed it.  It was a story which began with the great but ego-centric actress Audrey Langham played by Miss Lavin.

We meet her while she is rehearsing for the play Medea and tells the director to F _ _ K  OffLOL and leaves the stage and Chicago for her daughter’s and son-in-laws summer rental on the Cape.

Now her daughter, a school teacher in a very tension filled relationship with her husband, an ad agency guy who wants to desperately write a sci-fi book has no great love for her mother who was basically NEVER there for her in ways that were comfortable for her.

And so at this summer rental, the mother winds up almost marrying the next door neighbor, the husband has an affair with this next door neighbor’s son and the daughter winds up having a one night stand with her mother’s agent’s assistant who had come to the Cape to bring the mother back to Chicago and her contracted role for Medea.

There are lots of twists and turns and surprise endings in this play but the acting by Miss Lavin as the mother, Jennifer Westfeldt as the daughter, Ken Barnet as the husband along with Matt Dickson, Richarrd Bekins and Matt Dellapina are terrific and I strongly recommend this as an entertaining and thought-provoking play as written by playwright Nicky Silver.



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