All Day “Event” Lunch

Ever attend an all day event, and wonder wonder what lunch would look like?  Well, I must admitLOL that I do.  So when I attended The Women’s Travel Fest ( I checked out the food on the balcony before listening to the amazing panel of speakers.

And yeah, here’s what I found.


Yes, my favorite all time potato chips!


And lots of healthy food choices even though they were still covered with saran wrapsSoLOL!

So what did I end up choosing when the morning panel session was over…



Two halves of a spicy chicken wrap, a bag of Dirty Sour Cream and Onion Chips and the cutest little marshmallow with a chocolate covering and yes,SoLOL, let’s not forget that all importantSoLOL-Diet Coke!


So what would your favorite lunch be if an event and it wasn’t formally served to you???

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