Desmond Steakhouse Sizzles

Good fortune had me showing up at Desmond’s Steakhouse, 713 7th Avenue at 38th Street, for a pre-theater dinner as part of a package sold by presented The Spelvin Society which put together this pre-theater dinner at Desmond’s Steakhouse, with a post-dinner play (Bullets over Broadway) and an after talk about the play at Sardis.

Now The Spelvin Society was founded in 1966 and was a secret theater tradition that became known as The Spelvin Luncheon.  These clandestine lunches hosted by Playbill editor Leo Lerman became known in theater circles as a way for influencers in the theater industry and surrounding disciplines to get together with actors, writers, directors, designers and other creative types of folks to break bread with and be able to share their views on art and the culture of the time in an open manner free from the press.

So here’s what the room looked all reflective of the time period of the play that we were soon to see, Bullets over Broadway…


And here’s what greeted me at my seat…


And let’s not forget the secret envelope that held my next set of instructionsLOL…


And so by now you’re wondering what the food looked like!

Well it was all very good but I didn’t have enough time to snap a photo of the New York Cheesecake (which was unbelievable, by the way!!!) because it was 7:45 (OMG, yes 7:45) and there wasn’t enough time to take the photo, eat the cakeLOL and get myself to the theater on time and so something had to goLOL…


Yum, assorted greens, goat cheese in a light vinegrette.


Beef Barley Soup

and I opted for the Grilled Salmon and not the steak served with vegetables family style!


So if you’re in the theater district and want really good food, then check out Desmond’s Steakhouse.

It won’t disappoint!

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