Bullets over Broadway-The Musical


So awhile back as part of The Spelvin Society package that I found through Playbill.com (check Desmond’s Steakhouse Sizzles’ article in the Food tab) Bullets over Broadway was the play that was chosen.

I had actually seen the original Woody Allen movie version and knew that I was in for a treat!

I mean how bad can a play beLOL about a writer from Pittsburgh who wants his play produced on Broadway, has no money to do it and wants it bad…LOL!

So that’s where we meet our main character, David Shayne played by the very talented Zach Braff.

However, his potential producer, Julian Marx, played by Lenny Wolpe is able to strike up a deal with a major mob boss played by Vincent Pastore to get the funding for the play.

Now there’s only one catchLOL for the money, just one, sound familiarLOL!

David, our writer/playwright has to put the mob guy’s girlfriendLOL Olive Neal, played by Helene York in the play as his leading lady.

Well, needless to say after meeting Olive (an ex-chorus line dancer who really has the vocabulary content of a 6th graderSoLOL) David IS NOT TOO HAPPY!

But David wants to see his play on Broadway (wouldn’t youLOL!) and decides with the help of his producer friend that life is full of compromises and that this is just one of them.


And so the story goes…

A story of moral compromise which ultimately leaves our main character, David, having to make some pretty big decisions about his life and his writing.

And so I’m not going to share the ending with you but it does give you the opportunity to look at the complexity of compromise and how the decisions that we make affect our day to day lives.

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