The Museum of Broadway

Last Sunday I had an amazing day. I joined an event that featured both entrance into The Museum of Broadway and the Josephine Baker’s Restaurant Chez Josephine. Now at 12:30pm we started out at The Museum of Broadway which is located at 145 West 44th Street and then we headed over by 2:15pm to Chez Josephine which is located at 414 West 42nd Street.

I’ll talk more about that dining experience under my Food tab.

So now let’s talk about the museum.

The Museum of Broadway teamed up with internationally renowned artists, designers and theatre historians to create an interactive experience that showcases groundbreaking moments in Broadway’s history. Moments that pushed the creative boundaries, challenged social norms, and opened the road for those who would follow. There are hundreds of rare costumes, props and set designs that are showcased in the museum and it’s an absolutely amazing, exciting, educational and inspiring experience!

Now some images…

All you have to do is scan the QR code under the name of the show and Voila! you can purchase a ticket. They have a room full of these for practically every show.

I found the above data very interesting…

Here I am having an opportunity to channel Sally Bowles in Cabaret. There are many opportunities to experience a show interactively. Below I’m on a swing in Hair and then in a cornfield in “Oklahoma”.

And here are the walls that showcase all new shows for each year and then there is a place for the new shows to be placed for the world to see.

The last part of the museum showcases all the folks who are needed to create the Broadway show starting with the Stage Managers. They provide an amazing comprehensive break down of the lifecycle of a Broadway play and it was extremely impressive!

So I completely recommend a trip to The Museum of Broadway. Plan on a few hours because there’s a lot to see and read.

It is fabulous!! Have fun!

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