Candle Cafe West

I was on my way to an event the other evening when I knew that I needed dinner before the event.  I was on the Upper West Side and so I googled Healthy Eating Places on the Upper West Side near Broadway and 94th Street.  Most of the restaurants that showed up in the Google Search were on Amsterdam Avenue and truthfully it was too darn hot to walk another Avenue so I decided to stay on Broadway and decided upon Candle Cafe West which was located at 2724 Broadway near 89th Street.

They noted that their passion was compassion and sustainability and they created vegan and seasonal dishes, coupled with their “”green” philosophy. That daily they strove to minizie their carbon footprint supporting the community with a cleaner, healthier environment.

I figured it was worth a try.


Here’s the Bar area:

Here’s the inside…

And so what did I wind up ordering. It was on the early side for dinner so I decided to try their  Grilled Kale Salad with string beans, beluga lentils, red onion, kabocha squash, avocado, sunflower sees, spelt berries and chive vinaigrette.​*

All in all I enjoyed the different textures and flavors in the dish and the red onions and the chive vinaigrette really enhanced the taste of the vegetables.  But I also came to realize that I’m not a VeganLol.  and I went to Duane Reade and got a Fig Newton Bar to help end the meal.

So if you want to try a Vegan Dish then I recommend Candle Cafe West. They’re very reasonably priced and you might find that you do have a Vegan palatte…


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