Nashville Rocks

A friend of mine called me mid-September and said, “Sora, how would you like to go mid-week to Nashville, Tennessee and see what it’s like?” I said, “Sure, why not?” It had the ring of a definite new adventure.

So we booked a ticket for a Monday morning and booked a return for Thursday evening.

LaGuardia Airport/Delta

Now the flight from LaGuardia to Nashville is about 2 hours and 38 minutes but Tennessee is Central time so we actually gained an hour once we arrived.

We went straight to our hotel by Uber and checked in.

Home 2/Suites by Hilton

The area was perfect. It was only a few blocks from downtown and thankfully a quiet area since Nashville once you get to Lower Broadway with about 50 Honky Tonks can be really tough, especially in the morning. But more about that later.

So we went to lunch at the City Tap and then started to walk around to get a sense of the city. My first impression was that it was very clean (I didn’t see one, yes not even one paper on the ground and maybe in the three days I was there maybe and I mean maybe 10 homeless. I was super impressed.

So here are some of the sites that we visited that I recommend that you check out on your trip to Nashville as well.

But first a general view of the streets…

So now you’ve just witnessed how well the city is kept. Trust me. As a New Yorker I was super impressed.

And here are some sites that you should visit when you visit…

Situated in the heart of downtown Nashville, this beautifully modern facility is known as the “Smithsonian of country music,” offering 350,000 square feet of dynamic, state-of-the-art galleries, archival storage, educational classrooms, retail stores, restaurants, and special event space—all with a stunning view of the rest of Music City. It’s a must-see venue for all fans of country music.

Then there’s the Johnny Cash Museum and the Patsy Cline Museum.

And here I am in front of Johnny Cash’s Bar and BBQLol.

Here’s the building that houses AT&T that everyone calls the Batman BuildingLol.

Here’s the Walk of Fame…

The Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge…

And there are so many other interesting sites and museums such as The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum and the Frist Art Museum.

But I wanted to share some of the music that is played all over the city especially in the area called Lower Broadway.

Lower Broadway has at least 50 honky tonks and the music just blasts from 9am to 3am, 7 days a week.

So what is a honky tonk?

A honky tonk as it’s commonly used today is used to describe a pub where country music is performed, where the portraits on the walls are yellowed, where there is a wooden dance floor and the beer is cold.

So here is a photo of Honky Tonk Central and the inside.

And here’s a sampling of what you’d find inside…

So closes this blog post on Nashville. Check out Lower Broadway and those 50 Honky Tonks at night!

I totally recommend a 3 day, 2 night stay in Nashville.

It won’t disappoint!!

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