Socially Distanced Amish Adventure

So I decided to take a socially distanced bus road trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania and visit the land of the Amish. We each were assigned a socially distanced seat number and it worked out really well.  Here we are on the road at a King of Prussia rest stop.


First we did a short stop at The Farmer’s Market in Lancaster.

Afterwards, we met with our tour guide Jane and we did about an hour and a half ride around Lancaster learning a lot about the Amish and their religion and their unique lifestyle.

Then we ate lunch at the Bird-in-the-Hand Family Restaurant and it was done in the format of a Smorgasbord.  It was really done well. We had to wear a mask to go to the smorgasbord and we had to wear glove each time we went up which were part of our table setting at our socially distanced table settings.

Then we stopped at an Amish Bakery and Gift Shop. Here are the famous Amish Whoopie Pies.


Then we went to Kettle Village which had about 20 stores and that was definitely a lot of fun.


I also took a buggy ride into the backroads of the Amish farmland and that was so peaceful and wonderful.  A land of tranquility without electricity!!


So if you’d like to learn more about the Amish then here are two books that might help you out.


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