Lunch at an Amish Home

Well, it was time to head out of Dodge and so I booked a one day trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I choose to visit Lancaster because the main event of the experience was to have lunch with an Amish family and my curiosity (having visited Lancaster many times before) was really peaked.

Unfortunately, it rained torrentially that day (I still went) but I was unable to take a photo of the outside of their house. But… here is a photo of how they set up their guest tables in their basement area.

One more thing, before we started our meal, there was a moment of prayer which I really liked. It helped center me after a long ride from 34th Street and 6th Avenue and I believe that it had a nice calming effect on the group.

On the table was peanut butter fluff, homemade bread, pickled beets and Chow Chow (all pickled vegetables). All the food was homemade.

Peanut Butter Fluff
Homemade Bread
Pickled Beets
Chow Chow

Then came the main meal which included a ham loaf, chicken, mashed potatoes, mini peas, and noodles.

Ham Loaf
Chicken that tasted right off the Farm 🙂
Mashed Potatoes
Very tasty mini peas
Very Buttery Noodles

I’m not going to say that this was a meal of a lifetimeLol It was plain and simple and pretty much that is what I expected.

Yes, there was dessert, chocolate cake with vanilla icing, oreo ice-cream, Shoo-fly pie and All fruit jello with peaches.

For me it was an educational experience and on that level I led with curiosity and enjoyed it.

Here was the sign near the door as we left 🙂

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