Society Cafe

A Saturday afternoon in Manhattan and I met up with a few acquaintances to have Brunch.  We decided on someone’s suggestion to go to Society Cafe which is located at 52 West 13th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.

The Cafe is actually located in the Walker Hotel Greenwich Village and you can enter the hotel lobby and find your way to the restaurant.

And here is the actual inside of the restaurant…

And so what did I decide to order??

Well, I was really in a dessert mood 🙂  🙂  🙂 first so I decided to order Chickpea Fries Celery Tzatziki and really splurge on the dessert.

I can’t say that I was crazy about them because they were a bit soft for me and would have preferred them fuller and more crunchy so I only ate half but…the dessert totally made up for it.

For dessert I ordered a vanilla pudding creme brule with carmalized bananas on top.

It was totally and I mean totally divine so that I was one happy bruncher…:)

So if you’re in the area, check out Cafe Society because they have a large enough menu and the environment is peaceful and lovely.

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