New York City’s Hard Rock Cafe


This afternoon, I attended a luncheon given by the marketing department of the Hard Rock Cafe which is located right in the middle of Times Square at 1501 Broadway.

Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc, is a chain of theme restaurants which was created by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton in London in 1979.  In 2007, New York’s Hard Rock in tradition with it’s beginning decor back in London in 1979  covered its walls with rock and roll memorabilia and as of December 2015 there were 191 Hard Rock locations in 59 countries, 168 cafes, 23 hotels and 11 casinos.

So if you’re planning an event or just want to step in for lunch or dinner either before or after a Broadway show, the Hard Rock Cafe is a good option if you like rock and roll and you like that “New York Feeling!”

So here are some photos that show you the inside of the Hard Rock and then some photos of the very yummy meal that was served.







And here’s there very yummy meal…



Chicken and Brown Rice Pasta with Mixed Vegetables

Chicken and Brown Rice Pasta with Mixed Vegetables

And for dessert:     Tiramisu in a brown and vanilla chocolate cup with whipped cream and mixed fresh berries. So Yum!


So again, if you’re in The Times Square Area, check out the Hard Rock Cafe. It rocks! 🙂

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