Paradise in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

So my friends, Elizabeth and Ed invited me to spend the weekend at their summer house in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey.  I had never been there before and I was off to a new adventure…

So first there’s getting to Little Egg Harbor.

I took the train at Penn Station to Long Branch and then changed there for the train to Bayhead. See 2nd Entry down on board.  It took about 2 hours and 20 minutes.


When I arrived there and got to Elizabeth and Ed’s home I was like OMGod, this is amazing.  I truly didn’t know that this part of Jersey even existed.

So below meet Elizabeth and Ed as taken in the back of their home on the outside deck.

And this is what you see when you took out from their deck-

I was like OMGoodness-who knew that such a beautiful, tranquil, unique paradise was in Jersey, certainly not I!!

So that night we had a great dinner in a wonderful restaurant called Octopus Garden  and we were also joined by Elizabeth’s son Alex.

Now the next day-that would be Saturday we were up bright and early and decided to go bike riding.  Now I must admit that I hadn’t been on a bike in a very long time because I was giving an old injury a chance to heal but I couldn’t resist, when Ed, said, “Hey, Sora we can ride the tandem bike and you won’t have to do much pedaling at all.”  I just knew that I had to try and try I did.  So here’s Ed and I getting ready to ride tandem and below is Ed, Elizabeth and her son Alex.

Then after we got back to the house Ed got the boat ready (he is so, so multi-talented!!!) and we headed out on Tuckerton Creek, into Barnegat Bay which took us to a low tide Sand Bar where we disembarked-Yikes, the water was cold and hung out for a bit.

Here’s what the low tide Sand Bar looks like.

Then back to the house because we were driving to Atlantic City to the Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa which is the largest hotel in Atlantic City where we were first going to dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s Restaurant and then to see Jerry Seinfeld in the Borgata Ballroom.

Here’s check-in at the hotel-

Here’s me at the casino-definitely “pretending”Lol

Here’s the Wolfgang’s Puck and it was also Ed’s birthday and so Elizabeth surprised him with a cake and the whole meal was just great!!

And the Seinfeld Show in the Borgata Ballroom-Beyond Words Fantastic!!!

Yup-next morning Sunday up bright and early, Ed, Elizabeth and Alex went bike riding again but I decided to walk it and that was really a great way to start off the day.

Then back on the boat to the Sand Bar but the tide was rising very quickly and Elizabeth and I made an Executive Decision to stay on the boat while Ed and Alex ventured out with their beach chairs, umbrella and sandwiches to enjoy the experience but I was glad that we made that decision because the tide rose very quickly and guys soon had to evacuate :).

Then at 5 pm on Sunday we all drove over to the Sea Oaks Golf Club for a Nine and Dine Golf.  Quite frankly, I had never even held a golf club let alone try to hit a ball on an actual course but

thanks to Elizabeth’s great teaching skills and her patience!! I begin to get the swing of things-no pun intendedSoLol

Then over to the Club House for a very yummy dinner.

So how can one not love a place that gives the right of way to turtles!!

That’s right, even turtles have their say here!!!!

So if you’re planning a trip to Atlantic City you might want to make your first stop Little Egg Harbor.

It “is” a touch of paradise!!!!!

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