Jules Bistro and Live Jazz

Friday evening I met a few friends and we decided to have dinner at Jules Bistro which is located at 65 St. Mark’s Place.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed that restaurant and wanted to go and I finally got to go and it was fantabulous.

Jules Bistro is a taste of Boulevard St. Germain on St. Marks Street which has intrigued diners since 1993 with it’s amber coziness, nightly live jazz and authentic French bistro cuisine. It was sooo 🙂 good.


For many years the bistro was in Harlem but it’s owner George Forgeois was inspired to bring the energy  of the jazz venues that he went to down to the Rock ‘n Roll East Village.  Jules revived the long overlooked jazz era and introduced a whole new generation alongside heaping piles of moules frites, bubling bowls of onion soup gratinee and tender onglet de boeuf.

All I can say is that Jules Bisto delivered a memorable experience that “We’ll always have Paris.”

So here is what the bar area looks like…

Here is what the dining area looks like…

So what did I decide to order…

I wasn’t in a big hungry way so I decided to order a salad and an appetizer.

The salad was a Kale Salad.  It was spectacular.  It was lucinetto kale, brussel sprouts, baby arugula, torm herbs, pistachio, crispy bleu with a balsamic dressing which I had on the side.

It was very fresh, crisp and the flavors all worked so well!  Can’t wait to go back and have it again. 🙂

Then the appetizer that I ordered was Truffle Mac.

Truffle Mac was made of 4 cheeses, truffle and seasoned breadcrumbs.  It was divine. Really divine.

And here is the piano player that we started our evening listening to…

And here is the Jazz Trio that we ended our evening with…

So if you want to transport yourself to Paris for an evening and enjoy divinely prepared food click HERE to find out more!!

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