Bistro Pierre Lapin

The other evening I met a friend to try a restaurant that I saw written up in Time Out.  The restaurant was named Bistro Pierre Lapin and was located at 99 Bank Street in The West Village.

Bistro Pierre Lapin was inspired by the countless number of charming bistros that are scattered throughout Paris and so the bistro is a trove of treasures that were sourced from the City of Light’s many markets.

A portrait of Monsieur Pierre Lapin himself, a smartly dressed bunny which hails from the alleys of Paris, proudly watches the room’s antique sconces, chandeliers, and stunning black bear.

The bistro is proud of its expansive program of housemade breads, cultured butter, terrines, and pâtés, Bistro Pierre Lapin’s menu features a selection of time-honored French staples in addition to its nouveau creations touched with New York sensibilities.

So  the first thing which was  put on the table was below.

So good it was ridiculous.

The french bread and (right to left)-the pate, the olives, the truffle cheese and the butter when combined on the bread were out of this world.  Especially, when the pate was put on top of the truffle cheese. Divine.

Then I decided to order Le Ravier which was a plate of assorted chilled vegetables and salads.  So a large cart was first wheeled out with all of the chilled vegetables and then I choose a sampling of each.  Why not be adventurous…

So going around from top right to left was celery, carrots, cucumber, leeks, lentils, ratatouille, beets, potatoes and quinoa.  I will admit that I wasn’t keen on how they prepared the potatoes but all the other vegetables were done very interestingly and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to try them all.

Then I decided to have dessert instead of more food. Between the bread, the pate and truffle cheese and all of these vegetables I needed to go sweet!!

So I decided Baba Au Rhum which was a kind of sponge cake which was dousedLol with rum. And let’s not forget the additional rum in the decanter.  It was fabulous. Took home half for the next day. It was fabulous!!!

So if you’re thinking about French food and you’re down in The West Village Area, go to Bistro Pierre Lapin.

Truly lovely with great service!

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