Sex and The City-Buddakan NYC Restaurant

So a friend of mine took the New York City-Sex and the City Bus Tour and one of the restaurants that the gals used to film in was Buddakan NYC.  When she mentioned it to me and said that it was at 75 9th Avenue– which is not that far from me—I said, “Heck, let’s check it out…”

So sort of in a triangle location-across the street from Google’s headquarters and next door to Chelsea Market is Buddakan NYC.


Buddakan serves the exciting flavors of the Far East in a surreal atmospheres that combines the serentiy of Asia with the flamboyance of 16th century Paris.  It has ornate chandeliers and lots of gilded details that create quite the dramatic setting!!!

So here is what the inside looks like…

So what did I decide to order???  Everything looked sooo interesting but I decided to eat simply and then splurge on an exotic dessert.  So as shown below I ordered Carrot Dumplings with Shiitake Mushrooms and Scallions.  They were divine! The real carrot flavor coupled with the filling of shiitake mushrooms and scallions were unbeatable!! On the side was some Soy Sauce but you really didn’t need it.  The Carrot Dumpling was sooooo good without it!!
And for dessert I decided on Chocolate Pistachio Cremoso.
I felt like I was in Heaven.  That’s how amazing this dessert was.
To the right you have crunchy chocolate niblets and pearl sugar.  To the left you have chocolate ganache and in between that you had pistachio ice cream(fabulous) and macerated cherries. Need I say more 🙂 .
So if you’re downtown and near The Meatpacking District definitely try out Buddakan NYC.  But make a reservation first.  It gets very crowded—.

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