Phase 2- NYC Outdoor Dining

On June 22nd, Phase 2 began and every restaurant in my Gramercy Park Area had tables in the street.

It was quite a site to behold!


So for my first Phase 2 -Outdoor dining experience I met a friend up at 5 Mile Stone, at 1640 2nd Avenue at 85th St.

The restaurant has an All-American type of menu but because of the Pandemic they had very limited choices.

So I decided to order a Cobb Salad and added some chicken.

It was a humid day and I wanted to keep it simple-


I think the most important realization of this dining experience was that it wasn’t the food that excited me but rather the sharing of a meal with a friend.  I just realized how much I had miss social connection during this Lock Down and how thrilled I am that New York City is moving forward.

So happy.

So grateful.

So very grateful.

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