What Would Dorothy Say?

Wasn’t it Dorothy who said in The Wizard of Oz to Toto “There’s no place like home.”  Well, quite frankly for the most part, at least prior to 11 weeks ago I would have totally agreed.  However, being quarantined in a studio apartment in Manhattan as a single person who had an active social life this experience has totally humbled me and I found this image to express those very thoughts.

So being an optimist at heart, one of those people who likes to turn Lemons into Lemonate, I decided once I knew that I didn’t see the end to this to I began to stockpile projects that I suddenly had to complete 🙂 Suddenly, I had time to organize those drawers that I never had time to do and to read those books that I never had time for and first and foremost to learn Oh My Goodness-how to use Zoom.  Zoom became my everyday go to-to connect with the outside world in addition to more texting and a daily short walk around the neighborhood.  It was a short walk around the neighborhood or I’d otherwise walk up some flights in my apartment building and then walk my hallway about 10 times.  I just had to get out of my apartment to frame each day and stay connected to some sense of normalcy.

So how did I fare with food.

Well…Thank God for Amazon when it came to all the heavy lifting.  I bought all my liquids and sodas on line so I wouldn’t have to deal with purchasing them and getting them home from my local Supermarket.

Of course, most folks wore a mask and respected the Social Distancing of 6 feet apart etiquette and so did the folks at the next door Pizza store, Bravo. Once a week I’d get myself a slice of Pizza because I just needed to buy some hot food that I didn’t either make or microwave.  And Pizza was the sure fire answer to that prayer. 🙂

Here’s Bravo Pizza and my favorite Pizza Guy, Jose…

And then there was the navigating of all the new markings on the street if I wanted to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks when I’d take a walk.

But there is hope…

Just last week, the Farmer’s Market at Union Square began showing signs of vendors. Phew!  It was a sight to grateful eyes…

So by the time I post this, I doubt that the city will be fully reopened.  But I definitely feel that we’re on our way.

On my daily short walks there are more folks on the street, some stores have begun to open for just a few hours and there are more cars on the avenue.  So Inch by Inch, anything’s a cinch.  Yard by Yard, Life is hard.

But as found in Joshua 24:15  “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” –  if my apartment could speak it would say:

But stay well. Stay safe and always Keep the Faith!!!

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