Say Yes to Dig Inn Restaurant

I think that the best way to share the Dig Inn Restaurant experience is to share their mission and so here it is:


Every decision we make at Dig Inn starts with a deep respect for our ingredients and where they come from. Our recipe development process always involves a conversation between chef and grower about what we really want to cook and harvest. We work one-on-one with 102 farmers and partners to bring those recipes to life, planning crops specifically for our menus. Mindful sourcing is our bread and butter. We buy from minority-run and small-scale farms, using our purchasing power to support sustainable growing practices and invest in the future of farming. Our own farm in Upstate New York connects chefs in our kitchens to produce where it’s grown.

So Dig Inn has several restaurants in Manhattan but I visited the one at 80 Broad Street which is located in The Wall Street Area.

Here is the outside of it.

Here’s the inside.

The way the system works at Digg In is you put together your “own” Marketbowl and you have the choice of a base.  So for the base I The Farm Greens with Mint. You could otherwise choose Classic Brown Rice or Quinoa with Preserved Lemon and Lime Leaf.


Then you get a choice of 2 sides at a second station.

I chose Roasted Sweet Potatoes which were chunked and then roasted.  The dressing for the sweet potatoes were house-made with fresh rosemary and EVOO blend (which is like a Caesar Vinagrette).

Along with that I choose Sauteed Broccoli with Lemon that was made with garlic chips, thyme-infused olive oil as well as lemon.


Then you get a protein choice and I chose Herb Roasted Chicken:

Here is what the final bowl looked like…

The food was so fresh and so very good that I totally recommend that you have lunch there if you’re in one of their locations.

You won’t!! be disappointed! 🙂


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