Reykjavik’s Sandholt Bakery

My first night in Reykjavik was the night of the Culture Festival and there wasn’t a restaurant reservation to be made.

It was serious.  Where should we eat???

So we just started walking and came upon Sandholt’s Bakery.


All the pastries in the window looked amazing and they sold sandwiches as well so we decided to make this our choice.

I wasn’t that hungry for food but would up having sliced mozzarella and tomatoes on the most amazing Sandholt bread EVER!!!

Then I was totally in the mood to be dessert indulgent and so brought the three that appealed to me the most and figured that I’d just taste all three and then decideLOL where to spend my calories.

So here is what I bought…



Going clockwise from the top, was a cake, mouse and caramel topping pudding type of dessert, next was THE BEST LEMON FILLING IN A PIE CRUST THAT I HAVE EVER DESSERTED ON IN MY LIFE! (topped with meringue) and the third was a kind of kichel cake dripped with chocolate and raisins.

I could not resist the filling and pie crust of the lemon tart and the glazed kichel cake was also pretty amazing.

So if you find yourself in Rekyjavik, Iceland you must check out Sandholt’s Bakery.

It’s a must!




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