Puffin Burger/Minke Whale Burger and Lobster Burger

Yes, it was Sunday night in Reykjavik, Iceland and it was time to eat after a long day of sightseeing.

The recommended restaurant was Grillmarkadurrin also known as The Grill Kitchen Market.

The national team chefs Hrefna Rose Cut and Guolaugur P. Frimmannsson manage The Grill Kitchne Market and their focus is to combine creative cuisine, fresh Icelandic ingredients and the experience of Seafood Cellar, the local fish market.

So here’s the entrance to one of the best meals, BAR NONE that I have ever had!!


I decided to start with three small burgers.


So starting at the top right was a puffin burger, OMG, sooo good!  Then there was the minke whale burger, also, sooo good!

And last but not least was the lobster burger.


Then for the main dish I had skewered chicken with onions.


Totally divine…


And for dessert we all chose to to share the most original and amazing ice-cream designer dessert possible.


It was a large ball of chocolate with vanilla ice-cream in the center topped with hot caramel with walnuts and fresh raspberries.

Again, divine


So if you find yourself in Reykjavik, then I totally recommend that you visit Grillmarkadurrin for dinner.  It’s a bit pricey BUT WELL WORTH IT!!!






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