Mid Fashion Week-Yoga Magic

Marcy Clark, founder of Women’s Mafia (www.womensmafia.com) emailed me with an intriguing opportunity during fashion week.

The email shared that Women’s Mafia was presenting in collaboration with AumHome (www.aumhome.com) and Andarina Designs (www.andarinadesigns.com) an afternoon of Yoga for Inner and Outer Beauty to celebrate the Goddess within.

Now how could I say no that kind of blissful experience!

In my opinion, it’s an opportunity that every woman should have the privilege to experience! and then some!

So the event, held on September 6th, at Andarina Desings by Stacy Harshman’s Private Showroom, located at 735 E. 9th Street, Suite 4R did not disappoint!

The event was led by Yogic Healer and Desinger Nidhi Huba of Aumhome.com and incorportated both yogic and healing methods which also included  Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Meditations on serenity, beauty and happiness.

A portion of the proceeds from this event was donated to the Gulabi Gang.  The Gulabi Gang (www.gulabigang.in) is a group of rural Indian women who wear Pink Saris, who wield bamboo sticks and whose mission it is to protect Indian women in the pursuit of justice.

So below is a photo of Yogic Healer and Designer Nidhi Huba.


Nidhi is a master of intuitive decor, energetic healing, home products, space clearing and much more of all that “good” stuff. Nidhi led a masterful session of serenity and clearing and made the afternoon a pure delight as seen in the two photos below.



So the next time you think about clearing some of the things in your life that are not working for you whether it be your relationship with home design or a relationship with another person or persons…then click HERE and contact Nidhi to help you work it through and if you want to learn more about Marcy Clark and Women’s Mafia then click HERE as well.







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