Calyx Concierge Hosted the Wisdom, Wellness and Wonder Event

The other evening I attended Caryn A. Chow and Calyx Concierge’s Wisdom, Wellness and Wonder Event. This amazing feast into the senses took place at Spaces which is located at 1740 Broadway, New York, NY.  Here I got to meet, greet and mingle with the most interesting and creative  women influencers and leaders in a very friendly enjoyable and comfortable setting.

In addition, I must admit as you’ll soon see that the extra dimension of the event was the opportunity to take home a special floral arrangement that each of us was able to make and it did my heart good to know that this Event also benefited St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, a great non-profit.

So let’s picture through the event and see who you can meet…


The evening started at 6 pm with people arriving and beginning to network.

Then at about 6:45 the event begin and yes, yours truly was the first up to speak about my no diet system as taught in Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! A No-Diet, Weight-Loss System which became a #1 Amazon Best Seller when it was published and in 2018  chosen as a Distinguished Favorite by The NYC Big Book Award Contest.  So here I am with Esther Yang who is amazing who I’ll speak more about coming up next.

So more about Esther Yang!  Esther Yang is the executive director of Simple Healthy Living and Super Happy Kids.  She is the author of Love Yourself, the Heck with Everyone  and has been helping clients lead healthier and happier lives through her 20 years of practice.  She is also a psychotherapist, a second degree black belt in karate, a yoga and HIIT teacher sna d was featured on NY1 as a New Yorker of the Week.  Need I say more!!

Then we heard from Kirsi Bhasin who is a Certified Health Coach and can be found

Kirsi educated us on the uses of Essential Oils.  She explained how these essential oils come from any part of the plant and that there were 40 to 70% more effective than dried herbs.  She passed around the lavender and the serenity blend and it was nice to learn how these oils can help you sleep or reduce anxiety.

And then it was time to make our floral arrangements.  Jim of Petal + Eon explained to us how the process would work.

Here was our display of flowers to choose from and then there were fillers on the table shown in the photo below.

And here is how mine came out. It was so fun…

So I  totally recommend this company be hired for any Sweet Sixteen, Bat Mitzah or celebratory occasion where you want to fully engage your guests in a fun take home project that will be around for 2 years without needing any care. Now that’s a So Yeah!!!

So I want to also take this opportunity to mention a few vendors that were at the event…

The first vendor was Yuri Sato at  Yuri shared that her jewelry represented seeds because seeds represent growth and growth is how we transform ourselves and our challenges.


And then there were the breathtaking Mandalas by Vallerie that can be seen at 

Need I say more…


And let’s not forget the jewelry of Ana Paula Nascimento at and the art work of Jennie Yip at

So all in all, it was a great evening. I met some amazing women, learned things I didn’t know before and got to experience creating my own floral arrangement. So fun!!!



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