World Women Global Council is Right on Time


I was very fortunate the other evening to attend a networking event and had the opportunity to meet Dr. Dilshad Dayani.

Dr. Dilshad Dayani is the founder, president and CEO of World Women Global Council (  World Women Global Council ( as shared on her web site “is the voice of the young and the wisdom of the honored.  They together create the interdisciplinary human connection and synergy sharing time and space.  With the support of celebrities to leaders, The World Women Global Council attempts to act as a catalyst to promote change.” That “we aim to use the strength, talent and resources of corporate and civic speakers and celebrities to change the lives of the disadvantaged!”

Dr. Dayani goes on to say that, “Gender equality is not an option…we must teach our sons not to negotiate this right for their mothers and their sisters and as they grow to share this culture with their wives and daughters.”

Dr. Dayani whose book Confrontation 9-Taking on the Challenges of Work, Life and Purpose was recently launched and which is now an Amazon Bestseller poignantly shares her feeling about helping women help themselves in her web site’s Founder’s Message.

Dr. Dayani says that having grown up watching poverty and the daily abuse of women and children and observing how women’s economic, cultural and religious subjugation took it’s toll she was determined “not to change the world” but to not allow herself the luxury of inaction.

What a great phrase…the luxury of inaction…!!

And so it’s in that spirit that Dr. Dilshad Dayani leads her vision of women and change through World Women Global Council whose forward action vision is now right on time!

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