A Long Weekend in London

I flew out of JFK on July 13th on British Airways at 9:30pm to get to London the next morning. I was attending the Global Woman Summit which was being held at The Hilton London Bridge Tower Hotel. This was my first time visiting London and I was looking forward to attending the Summit and to seeing some of the sights.

So here is where I stayed. It was only a few blocks from The Thames River and was a great location.

The London Tower Bridge Hotel

When I got to the hotel I was totally exhausted but a friend of mine from Glasgow and also a member of Global Woman was there to greet me. But before we left the hotel we took photos of the steps leading up to the 3 day Global Woman Summit Event.

Then it was off to an area called Hayes at the River which was a few blocks from the hotel to have some lunch.

That evening we went to a Global Woman dinner which was arranged as part of the package.

The next two days were filled with non-stop networking and conference presentations and by Monday it was time to meet some friends of mine who were also in London to celebrate one of my girlfriend’s birthday and to do some London sightseeing on speed.Lol

So here are some of the sights in the 5 or 6 hours I toured London. Enjoy!

London Bridge and NoLol It’s Not! Falling Down!
The Shard -The tallest building in the UK and the 7th tallest building in Europe.
An Urban View
Another Urban View
Last Urban View
Oh, so many pubs…
Me in front of Buckingham Palace
A better view of Buckingham Palace. No changing of the Guards that day. Darn!
Just one guard. Best shot possible!
Big Ben from afar.
A walk in the West End where you can find all the theatres and lots of restaurants.
What made the trip great! Meeting up with women in the Global Woman Organization from all over the world who are amazing!

So yes, I had a really great time. I saw a bit of London but met so many interesting people and learned an awful lot. So grateful for this opportunity to meet and greet and after New York City what better city to network in than London…

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