La Villeta in Midtown

The other evening I met a friend and we went to dinner at La Villetta, which means “cottage” in Italian. La Villeta is located at 358 East 52nd Street off First Avenue . The restaurant is housed in a former carriage house whose building dates back to 1910. This unique space features tones of emerald green, colorful blue, red and yellow stoneware and exposed brick walls which give it both an intimate as well as rustic feel. The emerald green and dusk blue colors are reminiscent of the stunning seas and coastline of Puglia, and the region of Puglia is known for its legendary yet simplistic cuisine and boasts some of the best Mediterranean fare!

As noted on their web site, “The inspiration for La Villetta comes from frequent trips to a similar concept in Roma, Italy and a love for Italian food. The cuisine, wine and cocktail lists are reflective of dishes local to Puglia. Each course is prepared with the highest quality ingredients and made fresh daily. We offer approximately ninety wines by the bottle and a comprehensive selection of wines by the glass.”

So let’s check it out…

So what did I decide to order?

I was really hungry and so I decided to order Pollo alla Contadino which was Chicken Breast with grilled eggplant and melted smoke mozzarella.

Well, let me tell you that it’s one of the best restaurant meals that I have ever had. The combination of the eggplant on the chicken and the melted mozzarella was superb. The vegetables were also perfectly prepared and the roasted potatoes were sublime.

So if you’re in the Midtown area, closer to First Avenue check out La Villetta.

It won’t disappoint!!

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