Picnic by Design

Recently, DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (www.diffa.org) held a picnic fundraiser that they named Picnic by Design and the event was held at The Midtown Loft and Terrace, 267 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY.

This event showcased great design, food and fun and all for a good cause!

Now as part of this wonderful event where reframing the idea of the classical picnic competition was the goal, designers were given general basket requirements and their exciting picnic creations were then sold online in advance.  When the guests arrived, they were taken to their prepurchased designer picnic set-up, which they then got to take home or to enjoy at the event as you’ll soon see in the photos that will soon follow…

Some of the picnic blanket arrangements had color as their theme, some of the picnic blankets had travel as their theme, some of the picnic blankets had romance as their theme  and some were just plain picnickyLOL.

So below are some fun photos of what greeted me at this New York “picnic” charity style!







And my personal favorite—a picnic in Jolly Old England!


So if you appreciate the kind of support that DIFFA is providing for the health and safety of those at risk then click HERE and learn more about this great organization!




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