Iceland Scarves Amaze

OK. So here I am freezing second day into my visit to Reykjavik, Iceland and as you can see I was in desperate need of a new scarf other than using one cotton one and one airplane blanketSoLOL!!!

And let’s not talk about the hair—the “cold””” wind was a blowin…



Thank goodness, I happened to walk down a street where the oldest house in Reykjavik was which is now kind of a mini department stored called Kraum (

Kraum as its brochure describes it is a store where contemporary Icelandic designers and artists display their work and that a visitor can buy themselves a piece of Iceland and take it home.

So check out some Icelandic fashion…





Well, lucky me, I had the nicest sales person, Anna at Kraums to help me find just the right scarf and believe me when I tell you that it really saved me from the cold!!!!

I thought the design was sooooooo original and the color was just right for my winter coats back in New York as well!


So if you find yourself in Reykjavik, definitely visit Kraum and find a contemporary Icelandic designer fashion that you can take home as well!



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