The Bee-Organic Restaurant

The other weekend I took the train out to Great Neck to spend some time with my cousin who lives there.

We started off with lunch at this divine organic restaurant named Bee-Organic.

Here’s what the inside of the restaurant looks like:



Bee-Organic’s mission is to bring their customer the freshest organic or wild-crafted products available promoting health and beauty, while helping to preserve our wonderful Earth for future generation. Also in addition to serving food as you can see in the above photo it also an echo boutique.


So I decided to order the Bee-Organic Salad. It contained all fresh organic vegetables and I added tuna to the dish.

The vegetables were so fresh and so crisp tasting that it was just divine.  With that as shown below I got whole wheat grain bread.

​So  I just saw that  there are 4 Bee-Organic restaurants. There is the one in Great Neck,  one in Huntington and 2 in the city, one at 4 Bond Street and one at 24 Wall Street.

Definitely visit anyone of them if you’re in any of those areas.




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