The Dutch-A Soho Oyster Bar and Restaurant

So it was time to leave the house.  The deep freeze that Manhattan has been in for the past week has been let’s just say—-very, very bad and leaving the house was like, OMG—I really don’t want to leave the house.Lol But Serious.

So today was the day.  It was time to start real life again and pretend that it wasn’t 10 degrees outside.  It was just time to put cabin fever to rest.

So to do that I met a group of people at The Dutch Restaurant which is located at 131 Sullivan Street.

Here’s the bar area…

Here’s part of the main room…

So I wasn’t that hungry and knew that I also wanted dessert so I ordered a salad of  Calamari, Avocado, Organ Mesclun, with Ginger-Lime Dressing on the side. 🙂  It was good…

And then for dessert (Yeah!!), we ordered a Donut Tree…

I had the Lemon Poppy Seed Cruller and it was fun. And yes, as you can see there was also a Cocoa type of chocolate liquid to use.  I had my plain onlyLol because I wasn’t in the chocolate mood-that is at the momentSoLol

So if you find yourself down in the Soho area check out The Dutch.  There’s something for everyone!

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