Crunchy French Toast with Mascarpone and Maple Vanilla Syrup

OK. I thought we were on a warm streak but today it was 35 degrees Again and yes, it was cold out there!!

However, I went to a Networking Event led by Penelope Brackett who is a Life Coach at the and and it was really awesome.  Aside from meeting lovely and creative women and men the restaurant that Penelope choose was really an awesome way to think about the Happenings of Spring…

So the name of the restaurant was The Park  and it’s located at 118 10th Avenue.

Now when you turn the corner the front of the restaurant gives no indication of what the inside is and what a surprise.

So here is the outside of the restaurant at 17th and 10th.

Then Yeah!! When you walk in a fireplace!!!

And then, Springtime appeared with music and chirping birds.   What an awesome relief from the cold.

So in a very Springtime frame of mind-I was even happier when they put Banana Walnut Bread on the table for everyone with Honey Butter.

And then for the main brunch part of the meal, I decided on Crunchy French Toast with Mascarpone and Maple Vanilla Syrup. The Mascarpone was in the French Toast (Mascarpone cheese is a very soft cheese made from whole cream and citric or tartaric acid that has a very smooth texture and a milky, sweet taste. Some mascarpone cheeses have a tangy finish. The most common cooking application for mascarpone cheese is in the Italian dessert tiramisu)-just thought I’d put in that definition I found 🙂 } and also asked for the Maple Vanilla Syrup on the side…

The entire dish was sooooooo yummy.  What a treat!!!

So if you’re in the 10th Avenue area around the Highline or 17th Street check out The Park. You’ll like it!!

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