Glambition 2018 Presented by Dee & Co. and Google

So last Saturday I attended the event Glambition 2018 a Night of Everything Beauty Event!


The event  was present by Dee & Co. Group and Google. The event took place at the Google Headquarters which is located at 111 8th Avenue.

Here’s their cool sign inside the Google Headquarter’s lobby.

So what was available to any Attendee of this Glambition 2018 Event?

So the Attendee learned the in’s and outs of beauty directly from Beauty Insiders and Leaders.

There was a workshop on how to build your business asset with New York Life Insurance and a Live Talk Show/Panel where the topics discussed were Tips, From Glam to Slam, Beauty and The Beast of Building a Viable Brand and also included were live Beauty Makeovers and Trends. And certainly,  last but not least the Attendee learned from Google Coaches on how to build their profile and how folks can be found on the world wide web.

Now the moderators of this panel were Dee Rivera, CEO of DCG Media, Courtney Hall, Editor in Chief of Bella NYC and Danielle James, the Style & Beauty Editor at Hello Beautiful and Founder of Model Citizen.

The Speakers on the panel included Aisha Taylor, Google Digital Coach, Kim Baker, CEO of Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics and Celebrity Makeup Artist Beauty Expert, Jane Carter, CEO of Jane Carter Solutions, Vera Moore, CEO, Vera Moore Cosmetics,  Skin Care & Cosmetic Mogul, Rommy Pennela, Executive Director, Founder of NYC Cosmetology Chamber of Commerce, Ronald Storti, Founder MINFO, and Sarah Perez-Jarret, CEO, Salud by Dr. Rigo.

Now the room was all abuzz with all types of Beauty Exhibiters and I had the opportunity to check out all the exhibitors first hand.

So first I chatted with Jane Carter, Hair Guru and CEO of Jane Carter Solutions.

 Jane has proved herself as a dedicated business mogul and has become the DNA to a leading natural hair care company.  Feeling Jane’s determination to create the best hair products possible leaves me excited to try her creamy leave-in styling smoother this week.

I can’t wait to try Jane Carter’s Swag Bag sample of Creamy leave-in styling smoother.  Since I love her logo of Jane Carter Solution-Love Your Hair. I’m sure her products are very very hair yummy…

Then in the Swag Bag I received a sample of Vera Moore’s eye shadow.  Now I must admit that having been a Maybelline gal for so long the thought of trying a new eye shadow was not something that I thought about doing but I must tell you that after trying Vera Moore’s eye shadow, I am definitely switching over. The shadow has a greater sense of color substance and is easy to apply. So yeah!  I now have a grey eyeshadow that I really like better than the one that I’ve been wearing for years.  Yeah to change!!!

In the Swag Bag also came a Selfie Cosmetics Lip Liner.
OK. I’ve been wearing Revlon’s Pink Lip Liner for years But—I tried the Celfie Lip Liner Pencil and not only is the color much better than Revlon’s but it lasts and lasts and lasts. So definitely check out Celfie Cosmetics. I’m a new convert and it’s exciting!
Now there were so many amazing items in the Swag Bag but the last one I’m going to share with you on this post today is from a company called Cocotique.
 Cocotique  is a subscription beauty and lifestyle service to women of color so they don’t waste time or money on products that don’t work for their particular needs.  The way that it works is that every month you’re sent 5-8 full Size and Deluxe Sample Size products for $25 dollars and Free Shipping. You’ll receive a variety of beauty and lifestyle products from hair care to skincare and more and  everything is first curated first by Cocotique with your beauty and health in mind.
Click HERE  to find out more about how this beauty subscription works.
So some of the other brands that you need to check out that were exhibitors and in my Swag Bag as well  were Glamazon Beauty,Faces Beautiful, Swisse, Salud.and great information about Minfo founded by Robert Storti.
So change is good! Try something new!
You never know until you try!!!




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