Side Walk Restaurant and Bar in the East Village

The other evening I met a group of friends at the Side Walk Bar and Restaurant which is located at  94 Avenue A at 6th Street right in the heart of the East Village.

As soon as I walked in there was such a familiar feeling.  The music being piped was Lionel Richie and Madonna and the atmosphere kind of reminded me of some college hangout but more fun like.

And here is the bar area…

Now Side Walk has three distinctive spaces. First there’s the restaurant (which is very reasonably priced with great food!), then there’s a performance space and then the bar.  You can check their posted calendar to see who’s performing on any one night.

So here’s what I decided to order which was awesome and sooooo reasonably priced.

Kale Salad – $10.75 = $3.00 more for chicken!
Chopped fresh kale with apples, pita croutons, and candied pecans, tossed in labane dressing

The ingredients were super fresh and the different tastes and textures, the candied pecans with the sliced Granny Smith Apples were great.  The labane dressing which is a cheesy yogart dressing with lemon and olive oil really brought the whole thing together.  It rocked!!

So if you’re down in the East Village, don’t hesitate, get over to Side Walk.  It won’t disappoint!

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