Ukranian East Village Restaurant

Finally, a sunny Manhattan afternoon and a walk down 2nd Avenue brought me to The Ukranian East Village Restaurant.  The restaurant has no website but is located at 140 2nd Avenue between 8th and 9th Street.

So when you enter the restaurant you walk down a long hallway and you’re greeted by the restaurant’s sign.

So here is an image of the inside of the restaurant.  It’s pretty much old world and simple looking.

Here is the front of its menu:

Now as you would expect on any kind of Ukranian Menu there were choices such as blintzes, pierogies and herring but when I checked out the dessert menu I had my heart set on the Apple Strudel so I decided to go really easy on the food and ordered a Grilled Chicken Salad.

I really enjoyed the Salad and then it ws Yeah!! time for the Strudel and Whipped Cream.

So the Strudel was very flaky and the whipped cream gave it a really nice edge.

So if you’re in the East Village and are in the mood for Ukranian Food, check out The Ukranian East Village Restaurant.

It’s extremely fair priced and the food is hearty and good.

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