Serafina Restaurant-Meatpacking District

So the other day, I was walking around Chelsea Market and it was a crazy mob scene. I mean the popups shops and the regular types of shops were Amazing but it was time to eat and I wasn’t about to fight my way through the crowds and or find a place to eat. Also several other restaurants that I stepped into were so crowded and sooooo noisy that it just wasn’t going to work!

So I left the market and found Serafina, a few blocks away which turned out to be  a lovely restaurant with really divine food.

So here’s what the restaurant looks like from the outside:

And here is how it looks on the inside…

And yes, even though they had folks eating there it Was Blissfully Quiet.

So what did I order:

I ordered Paillard Chicken (An old term used to describe cuts of meat that are thinly sliced or lightly pounded into flattened pieces that are then grilled or sautéed very quickly) with freshly diced tomato and greens.

Truly, it was heavenly (and I took home most of it and had it for 2 meals this week-Heavenly!)!!

With it, on the side, I had Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary and they were also divine!!!

I also took a lot of the potatoes home as well— So Great!!!

So if you’re in the Meatpacking District I definitely recommend Serafina.  It ‘s pricey but the food is worth it!

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