How Your Kitchen Can Make You Thin


Losing weight!  Never easy but here’s some good news.  You can actually set up your kitchen, your work place (if you work) and any restaurant table in a way that can help support you in reaching your program weight loss goal.

So first, let’s talk about how you can set up your kitchen to help support you reach your program weight loss goal no matter what kind of weight loss program you’re on.

The way to set up your kitchen is to create what I call the “neutralized” kitchen.  A neutralized kitchen is when you make the choice to only keep foods in your refrigerator and in your cabinets that won’t call to you in the middle of the night or for that matter in the middle of the day.  It’s about making the choice to just keep foods in your kitchen that you feel neutral about.  Foods that you can comfortably say no to or walk away from after you’ve decided “how much is enough.”

Now the same “neutralized” food principle applies to the foods that you keep in your workplace, if you work.

So if you work, then it’s important to create a neutralized desk or office space. Only keep foods in your desk or in your work space that you can say no to.  Foods which you know won’t be calling out to you throughout your work day.  After all, if you work, you want to be able to focus on your work and keeping exciting food around you (the ones that will be calling out to you all day) will usually only get in your way.

So now at this point, you might be thinking, “OK, Sora, I understand what it means to keep a neutralized kitchen, I understand what it means to keep a neutralized work place but how do I create a neutralized eating experience at a restaurant where I’m really not in control to the degree that I am at home or work?”

“How is that possible?”

Well, if you find yourself eating out a lot and you’re committed to reaching your program weight loss goal then there is something that you can do in a restaurant to manage a neutralized food experience.

What you can do in a restaurant is to always order the same kind of food. So for example:  If you always order a chicken dish, then the predictability of that chicken dish whether you order it in a Chinese restaurant, an Italian restaurant or a Mexican restaurant will potentially make your eating experience more boring.  This type of predictably boring eating experience will give you the choice to slow your eating down and therefore gives you the opportunity to eat less.  This type of slowed down eating experience will  also give you more opportunity to focus on other aspects of your restaurant experience such as the ambiance of the restaurant you’re eating in, who you’re sharing the meal with and what they’re saying to you.

So how does your kitchen, your workplace and the restaurant of your choice keep you thin?  Each of these places can keep you thin, by keeping your environmental food choices ones that don’t scream out to you but rather ones that are more like the silent type.  It’s there, but it’s quiet.




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